About the boycott

Driscoll’s is the world’s leading supplier of berries. It runs its own farms and but mostly sources berries from other growers, in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, and other countries. Its main office is in Watsonville, right here in our county. Driscoll’s has worked hard to maintain an image of caring about the people that do the work (“we are honored to be part of the great communities, and work with the amazing people that make Driscoll’s possible, from farm workers out in the field to our farmers and employees”). But the “farm workers out in the field” tell a different story, one of poverty-level wages, inadequate housing, sexual harrassment, and retaliation against workers who organize. The people who pick berries for Driscoll’s in Washington State and Baja California organized a boycott of the company’s products until the growers negotiate a union contract with the workers. In September 2016, the workers in Washington State succeeded in getting their contract, so now the boycott is focused on the workers in Baja California. There are a growing number of boycott committees in many towns.


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